By Jacob Prince.


"Very few of us are what we seem"

-A. Christie


Nothing much here to cry over;

No more rain.

You mixed teardrops with carbon,

and Wrote away.

No more tears.

Just store bought pens.

Happy thoughts

Happy thoughts

Nothing less,

Just happy thoughts.


Sometimes I remember the ones

who hurt me most,

But then I think:

What am I now?

What have I done without you?

Look what I am now;

Look what I did without you.

I fuel on your spite,

And I fight.

You smother my spark,

But it only burns brighter.

I fall down only to fly.

Stop me, and I'll only watch you try.

Nothing less,

Just happy thoughts.


This is different, why are you different?

Everyone is a writer, but everyone is headless. I just found a head.

I can write happy. I can write dark.

It's not who you are,

it's what you think.

I can write a story so blue,

Even though I am pink.

And do it in: yellow, green, purple ink.

I am not depressed, glad, nor mediocre.

Fill the nothingless in your head;

Fill the void, and

write - write - write.

Fill it with colour,

Fill it with sad.

Make it interesting, and they'll love it.

Fill it with interesting, and

write - write - write.

Solitary word pops into head,

Next comes page,

Then comes book.

You can try too, maybe even succeed.

We're all just headless writers.

Find a head to become a poet.

Without one you're just another

Fish in the sea.


At the fair - bought a lollipop. +

Named her Julie,

and called her my own.

I'm holding so carefully,

So I don't drop you.

I take you home from the fair,

and nothing will stop the smile on my face.

I admire your swirls,

so shiny and pretty,

And nothing will stop this joy I got.

I call up my friends - show you off.

They knock on the door -

Mom says they're here.

We walk to the room,

And admire your swirls.

There's nothing in this world

Quite like you.

You are the lollipop;

Swirls are your smile.

There's nothing in this world

that makes me joyed like you.

My friends like you too,

But I like you more;

More than my friends.

Your smile is better,

And you're so much cooler than them.

You are my lollipop,

So shiny and pretty,

With just one little difference -

That makes you whole:

You never end.

That lollipop will grow old,

And liking it will just seem so silly.

We are eternal;

We'll grow old together.

Nothing will make this happiness end.

Army of Notes

Solitary note pops into head.

A couple more follow,

Then comes tune. +

The army of notes march into

enemy territory.

They become Prisoners of War.

Locked in a cell,

Inside my head,

Stuck in my head,

Stuck in my head,

This song is stuck in my head.

Little notes with legs locked into

Cell inside head.

I hear this music in my mind.

All just notes singing, trying to get my attention.

But all I hear is the tune.

They cry for help, but I can

only hear sweet melody.

I can't help. I can't help.

I want to help, honestly.

This tune is driving me insane.

I want nothing more than

to rescue the notes.

To set them free,

Away from me.

I'm going slowly insane.

I turn the knob on my stereo.



Sometimes I feel a little lonely

Even though I am surrounded 1

Sometimes I feel a little winded

Even though it's a nice breeze

Sometimes I feel nothing at all

And it scares me so

Scared of my own shadow,

scared of who I am.

Acting like nothing at all,

But they know you're bluffing

They look through these wilted eyes

And see the truest form of my heart

The truest room in the house

that is my brain

The truest form of me

Unwrapping a present with

Multiple layers of paper

I never understood that.

I never understood myself.

I never got through the

layers of paper

I don't even know myself

And it scares me so.


On a fast track to nothingless

Flying off the goddamned rails

Destination nothingless

Lock up the wheels

Stop stop stop

Screech screech screech

Stop this train going to nothingless

Even if it means ending me

Get me off this track blow up this


Delay the arrival time anything to

Keep me from nothingless

I want to see nothing more

I've seen all I can

And I know I took the wrong train



Said the roadsign

Warning all the wanted criminals

To slow their asses down


Said the horseless carriage

Warning all the robbers

That a Scarry box is

coming down the road

Let their heads hit the ceiling

Let their horses throw them far

Terrible terrible people so mean

Why warn them when

Innocent people are minutes

Away from terror

All the rapist Nazis and killers

Don't warn them they don't need warning

Let them deal with problems

Don't help them avoid them

Turn roadsigns into guillotines

Melt car horns into ammunition

We are the ones in need of warning

Rapists on the loose.

Nazis back. Who knew? So soon?

Killers avoiding punishment,

Just to kill kill some more.

Warn the good ones not the bad

This world is terrible enough

Don't fuel the fire

"Be careful be careful",

Said the mother to her

Children going out on a Friday night

I'd hate to know what pep talk

Rapists get before going out

Warn the good

leave the bad To suffer


Bitches ain't shit,

But I'm not even that.


Drinking behind the school,

A couple smokes too.

A skinny girl approaches

the scary looking guys;

she asks "marlboro or camel".

They respond in confusion,

but she is determined.

The truth is she's lots

worse than them.

She grabs a bottle and sips,

she says she's a dragon,

and dragons are happy,

but you're just making me sad.

They ask what she did to her face, Cause it's an ugly sight.

They don't think she's worth a smoke.

The skinny girl walks home to her cave.

Lights up a parliment but she wants a camel, but dragons can't smoke camels, and dragons die after a marlboro.

They take a puff but burn their lip, cause they just exhale fire.

That's why she's on fire,

She’s a rebel and a dragon,

She'll truly burn you up,

She spit fire then burn and burn.

Almost at her cave;

Tears in her eyes.

She never understood the people, she never knew why.

The truth is she's

just a scary dragon.

Men get scared and cry.

She just wants to know why,

But the truth will only make

her cry more.

She takes a drink then smokes a Parliment,

And cry and cry and cry.

She says maybe I'll just die.

All she ever wanted to know

Was why the guys hate her face?

Why they won't give her a smoke? But she'll never know.

The guys will never tell her.

So the skinny dragon die,

So she'll no longer cry,

Never know the answer,

But if she did she just die.


As things seem to grow backwards:

Words get sadder,

Days get longer. +

I notice more and more,

I never noticed before.

The funny earthly colours.

The new scents once unknown

But most of all I notice you,

And the heartache is true.

Because I did you wrong,

And now I know

Why your heart aches too.


I justify you time after time

Yet you just bring more pain

All you do is smother my flame

A pile of ash is all your worth

No value to life of any kind

And especially not mine


We just don't get along,

Even though it's been so long.

We disagree and we agree not,

But you're the one that started it.

We are not artificial enemies.

This is the real thing.

We don't chuckle and grin;

Holding in the sin.

Our dispute shines through.

And everyone can see this fued.

I say let's get along,

Listen to this pretty song.

You say that'll be the day,

'Til then turn it off anyway.

But I crank it up and sing the tune;

forget about whatever you are.

Your words just make me sore,

And i'm not listening anymore.

Tired of you.

Tired of being hurt.

Maybe someday you can fix it,

But 'til then I just sing this song;

Someday you might even sing along.

Love Love Love

Walk into class

look down on the world. +

Stare at the floor 'cause

I guess that's the same thing.

There are questions I have unanswered. Some things I just don't understand. But I've asked, and the Answer has got to be something I already know.

Walk into class

Wait for time to pass.

Stare at the clock

'cause I guess that's the same thing.

I find the answer to a

question that I have forgotten.

Atleast I got something right.

If only it mattered anymore,

'cause school is out and time is out.

I used to look down at the world

But now i'm free.

So unanswered questions

Just don't bother me

Walk out of school

Look up at the world.

Stare at the sky 'cause

I guess that's the same thing.

And there are questions that

Still bother me, some things are just here to stay. Even though they may change.

I walk into nothing

And stare at my watch.

Still waiting for time to pass.

I walk in a box and

Look down at the world

Stare at the paper floorboards

Cause that's close to this flimsy place

Yet my mind still goes to

Questions unanswered

And to answers who's question I forgot,

But this time something's different.

I finally remember the question

to the answer I know.

It asks of meaning and mentions life

I pull out my list of

questions unanswered, and

point to the answer without

A question

I shout the answer and the

Words fall right off my tongue

"Love Love Love"

Love is the answer to a

Question that I have forgotten.

But I finally remember the question,

It asks of meaning and mentions life.

So the answer has got to be

Love Love Love


Slipping down the stairs +

Condecending down the steps

Throughout the door and then to the street

Jumping around cause asphalt hurts my bare feet

Walk through the street and see the person I wanna meet

But that person isn't another person it's just me

Cause I gotta hide that person who they think I am

I turn around cause I hear a noise

I see my cat and I am relieved

But cats can't see that there's something bothering me

They just wanna be loved like everyone else

If only I can be myself

I look the person in the eye and say hello

Jump into her skin and feel her feet

Never have I been happier

Especially not in that thing that isn't me

I pick up the cat and let her see me

She looks through my eyes and she knows

She knows that I am still the same person

And she knows that this is okay

But mostly that that other girl is just wrong

Shes uncomfortable in her own skin

And that's just a sin

But the time comes for me to go back home

My feet still hurt a little

But not as much as the sorrow

Of being someone i'm not

But I am that person alot

And it just isn't right

Maybe someday I'll adopt that other girl

Transplant her skin

'Til then I just ice these aching feet


In this shit-shack entitled nothingless

there's nothing more to say

This hurt is here to stay

Look of Love

You are more pure than the skies

Yet more weathered than the oceans

Your eyes project visions of glad days

Yet your days aren't so glad

If only an alternative force

could awaken

It would turn weather into glad days

And glad days into sunny weather

This look of love would be true

The look of love in your eyes

A look your smile can't disguise

The look of love

Is saying so much more than

words could ever say

And what my heart has heard

takes my breath away

The day won't come bearing an alternative force

Your weathered heart greets with bittersweet phrase

And the look of love

Has my heart quite frayed


Run from nothingless


Avoid it like the plague

I've come down with nothingless

It's a headache and a heartache

And something

With a little bit of Acute Gastritis

It's very scary and hurts your brain

The only cure is to run away

Or to write away

Nothingless is a big hole

With nothing in it

A void in time

A void in life

A small case of nothingless won't

Be too bad

You can fill the small nothingless

In your life

It's best to stay away though

Nothingless is a death trap

A metal box

Its the pain in this world

All the wrongdoing

And most of all nothingless

is a lost soul 2

Someone who isn't

who they want to be

Fill the nothingless in your life

Fill the void

And listen to the good things

Of this flimsy planet

A Portrait of my Soul

This painted over heart, +

My painted over soul.

Oh what a day this is,

All my drawings now incomplete.

Covered in this dreadful shade of colour.

I remember my most wonderful works,

Whole in my head yet fractioned in my eyes.

I set my sights on a painting of my heart,

And the image I see is sorrowful.

A fractured heart once new,

And life whose opacity is diminished.

Then my focus settles on

A portrait of my soul,

Memories know t'was once

lively and bright.

But vision demands melancholic reality of life.

A portrait dulled by beige pigment,

And a soul disheartened

From years of hurt.

In a gallery of drawings incomplete my thoughts fall to

Feelings of dillusion.

And my vision to a reflection.

The only fixture free from

Dreadful shades of color

And distortion.

There I see the truest form of myself,

Exempt from covering and distortion.

And sight directs thoughts to

Reality of life.

Thoughts begin to replace memories

As if painting over priceless

Works of art.

So the artist covers paintings in

Layers of dreadful colour.

And memories no longer remind

Of times once lively and bright,

But of sorrowful times and

Diminished life.



He said, screaming at his clock.


If I was spring and you were may, +

The world would separate us anyway.

You'd be December and

I would be summer,

But we'd still be friends.

'Cause seasons are changing and time is changing.

Summer now starts with November and ends with February.

The world knows not of solitary movement.

It's always changing,

But this time it's staying.

Seasons are still and time stops.

Just for us to be together.

The world brought us together

Little Boat

Swimming the shores of Winyah Bay,

Whistling a tune in the merry month of May.

I'm just a little boat riding the ride;

I take on little water yet take on the waters like a pro.

My hull is dull and my boards are old,

But I get along just fine.

I just swim and whistle a tune.

When I find myself in a scary lagoon,

I row my paddles and leave.

A brave little boat I am.

my owner would be so proud.

I point to the general direction of the dock and find him.

Try to get his attention.

But he seems quite angry,

He ties me to the wooden post.

locks me up and confines me so.

The night comes, it gets dark.

Luna comes but gets a little too close for my comfort.

She makes the tides wild and wind strong;

Blowing the air and stirring the water.

Suddenly it becomes quite unbearable,

my rope breaks from the wooden post.

The rest of the night was a blur.

Now I find myself somewhere strange.

This world just to change.

Scary canoes with scary people;

I am lost.

If only I could return to that

rainbow circle world,

But I guess my person just hates me.

He tied me up and forgot I was there.

Our time was so short together,

I just wonder why he doesn't like me?

What is wrong with me?

I am so terrible my person threw me away.

In this lost place I cry,

And the nothingless starts to burn my eyes.

Devoted to Something Else

Ask me a question and I'll tell the truth

Test me with a secret and I'll prove to be true

But test me with a lie and you'll die

I'll go to lengths unknown

Be your pallbearer and speak on your behalf

Tell all your secrets and thoughts

Even ones not true


I lost my life in a pool

While staring at you. +

I jumped off a board,

And dived towards the end.

I saw you at the bottom,

But it was just a reflection.

The truth is you were standing right behind me,

then you pushed me in.

I lost my compassion at a pool,

It never kept eyes dry.

As I swim to the bottom of a hole,

your tears dance at the top of life.

They fall on the world and join the oceans.

All I think is you when death begins to consume.

I got high in chlorine-land,

And forgot who lost who.

But I remember my words before being pushed.

Surely I am a fool,

I lost you in a pool.


I wish I knew you,

You forgot me,

I'm still here.

You see my eyes,

But don't know my heart.

If I were to die,

We'd still drift apart.

Somethings you just can't change.

blurry govt leaders doctors celebrities

What level of magnification does it take to see the truth of this blurry world?

My optometrist prescribed a large number but it's not enough.

Only the blurry ones see the world clearly.

And I'm a clear one, so I might as well be blind.


We dance until we die

Yet I am still alive

They say you'll die trying

But I'm just trying to die

Trying to dry

Too exhausted to dance

Almost dried up

I don't die trying

Turn fight into dance and live forever

But I'm only fighting to die

No chance of dance nor death

But I'm not dead yet

Just dry.


These legs don't like to bend,

Don't follow your silly trend.

When closed off in round reality,

I find myself out of bounds,

Out of this world.

The words save like a dream,

As if I found the stream of everlasting.

But words are just a dream,

'Cause time ends too

It bends around trends,

And finds itself out of bounds.

Goodbye Time

I think of eternal sleep,

Spend hours writing a letter to nothingless.

It starts out sweet,

And gets sadder with time,

As things get old, and dry out.

The letter is accompanied by a gift,

A solitary rose,

The perfect representative of life.

Once colourful and lively,

Now parched and brittle.

The crumbled petals noisily fluster in the envelope,

And only death can translate it's decree for life.

The note itself tells my story better than words ever could.

Graphite lettering becomes illegible as time takes action,

And paper crumples relatively.

This letter to nothingless knows the truth, even if words lie

evidence is clear.

Goodbye time.

Letter to Life

I wake up in a world of nothingless

And every morning I complete my

daily ritual.

I ask myself,

"what will my contribution to the world be today?"

And poem by poem I write,

To compose my letter, my life,

My letter to life.


"But surely for everything you have to love you have to pay some price."

-A. Christie