By Jacob Prince

Remember us to Life

It's cold, But I have you.

Never have I felt warmer, On a day when I don't have a clue.

Call me obsessive, but never is not my love for you.

If there evercomes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart I'll stay there forever.

Love Profusion

Side by side or miles apart,

you'll always be close in my heart.

Open the door and say no more;

For love declares profusion,

It's words know not of confusion.

All or Nothing

Please stop talking,

I can't bear to hear it.

I've heard this before,

I don't need your welfare.

If you want my heart please take it,

Just be sure you make it–

All or nothing.

Begin to Drift

I wish I knew you,

You forgot me,

I'm still here.

You see my eyes,

But don't know my heart.

If I were to die,

We'd still drift apart.

Dear Mademoiselle

Dear mademoiselle, I hope you are doing well. I missed you in Cairo, yet my heart was with you. In a box for portability, and secured for longevity.

I'll see you soon. The usual lunch date? I have much to tell you as my life has been rather spontaneous lately. I know you have been busy as well, maybe we could spend a weekend together?

In this parcel I have attached a key. In your own time please be sure to set my heart free. Sometimes these letters are the only things that distract me from death, or maybe is it you reminding me of life? Either way, I'll see you soon. Farewell Mademoiselle.

Your dearest lover,

N. O. Body

For What It Matters

I still love you.

Love Lasts Never

Change is quite phoney and I am quite lonely, but change is what fuels my quest.

As I dwelled on memories you passed ahead of me. You didn't give a signal and left too fast.

There's one thing I know that will never quite go. I love you only and I only love you.

Never in a million years, did I think I'd be sitting in a bucket of tears, but time moved on and so did you. That's just part of the quest.

I hope you hear. My words are clear. Love lasts never, but I'll treasure you forever.

I see you ahead of me, I'll catch up soon. You are far ahead, but I'm still with you. Just look in your heart. I'll be there always. I love you always.

Somber Summer Short

Winter's falling and so are you. +

It's a shame we couldn't be together, for it's such lovely weather.

These lipstick stains remind of you.

Foolish things know our love is true.

The new sun set our love on fire.

Hot summer night, dancing in the flames. Should of let you known, I'm a runner.

Before we lose our fuel, and the sun falls from the sky, know that I'm not cruel, and our love can last 'till the morning dew.

The sun is falling and so am I.

Which shall I save? You love the summer true, but I want to spend eternity with you.

I'll catch the sun and you'll be happy 'till you die, but I'll lose you, I'll fall from the sky.

Catch myself and we'll live as one,

In darkness without our lovely sun.

Even if we're not together, I will still love you forever.


As things seem to grow backwards:

Words get sadder,

Days get longer.

I notice more and more,

I never noticed before.

The funny earthly colours.

The new scents once unknown

But most of all I notice you,

And the heartache is true.

Because I did you wrong,

And now I know

Why your heart aches too.

People’s Bank

The people's bank, where the old go to rest, and the young go to invest.

With people's safes and people's guarantees.

The clerk is a people person, if she was a goose she would be a geese goose.

The currency has people on it. Our dearest queen engraved in gold.

Welcome to the people's bank. We try our best to serve you, but people are just people, you can't always trust them.

I’m Only a Bitch in my Dreams

I'm only a bitch in my dreams.

Nights I can endure, but then comes morning. If only I could daydream.

On days when I feel he is keen,

he sheds his front and reveals his spleen.

I'd like to think everything is hallucination, but from truth I cannot take vacation. Because he's a nightmare, and I'm a dreamer.

Degenerate affair, I should beware.

A visionary by night, a dreamer by day, but I'm a only a bitch in my dreams.

He is a lucid nightmare, and my reoccurring dream.

Who does he think I am?

Respond. Respond.

Am I the bear he says I am? I run, kick, scream.

He calls me Lucy, a fabrication of his imagination.

But I am the good girl who loses, and the heart without esteem. I am a lucid romantic, with no hidden schemes.

One night he conjured a dream, another of his sick visions.

The nightmare came to me, and I slept my worries away.

I am idyllic, not demonic. I am a daydreamer, and an angel around the clock.

I am only a bitch in his dreams.

Take My Hallucinations Away





Affection is my habit, and you’re my temptation. It’s a dangerous admiration for a lethal hallucination.

I can take the abusion, my psychotic delusion. The only real habit is my psychedelic affection.

Affinity was my habit, actual tranquility, but you took all my sympathy and told me ever so viciously

That I’m psychotic, delusioned.

Melancholic, illusioned.

Spare my agitation, our hazard relation. Affection is my habit, and your words are my temptation.

I’m psychotic, delusioned.

Melancholic, illusioned.

Forgive my psychosis, my senseless neurosis. Spare your hostility and find the cure for me.

A dosage of affinity, closeness is the remedy. Forget the liabilities and give the cure to me.

So that I’m no longer psychotic, delusioned. Melancholic, illusioned.

Please take the hallucinations away.

You gave me the remedy, toxicity was killing me, Affinity is heavenly, actual tranquillity.

Maybe this could last for infinity?

I remember an allusion, my psychotic delusion. When you took all my sympathy and told me ever so viciously,

That I’m psychotic, delusioned.

Melancholic, illusioned.

Please take my hallucinations away.

I’m psychotic, delusioned.

Melancholic, illusioned.

Take my hallucinations away.

Lost at Sea

Lost in the dark, how could this be?

Crossed the bridge, over the sea.

There's a storm coming and I need you here. Come close, pull me near.

I lost you before, in a dark place, you just had to ignore

Our love.

Over the bridge, cross the sea. Stuck in a dream like I'm lost at sea.

I can't believe, I'm lost at sea. all my dreams, never to be seen.

They're coming to find, I'm over here. Come close, pull me near.

I lost you before, but never again. Keep me close and let's explore

Our love.

I can't believe, I'm lost at sea. all my dreams, never to be seen.

I need you more than before. It seemed that way until we explored

Our love.

But that's the thing, this is a dream, as odd as it seems.

I'm in the dark, not at sea.

I still need you here, I love you dear.

I always adored, now even more.

Keep me close and let's explore

our love.


Taking turns dancing, can't deny the glancing.

You led me astray, then turned away.

I'll admire your hair, didn't hear a bell. Maybe was the sirens that made me drool on the floor.

Taking turns glancing, can't deny the trancing.

I drooled with the sirens, and I knew it wasn't a bell.

Taking turns dancing, can't help but glancing.

I'm too drunk to be a punk, too young to be a grunge. You'll just keep dancing and I'll keep on glancing.

I'm drooling over you, didn't need a bell. Maybe was the smell.

I'm too drunk to be a punk, too young to be a grunge. And I sure as hell won't be drooling over the sound of a bell.

To be Continued…


Last updated May 19, 2018